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About US

Bon’App is the love child of a foodie and a geek, born in 2015. But really, it is a mobile application and website bundle that allows our users to access information about our restaurant partners at any moment, anywhere. This can be:

- Contact information such as phone number and email

- Opening Hours

- Location

- Full menu

- Current offers

Wait, there’s more?

 With Bon’App users can look up restaurants based on their location, dietary needs and cuisine type. Users can also leave reviews, use discount codes and see all the current promotional offers!

Don’t feel like going out?

You can also see which restaurants do takeaway or delivery and order online for a quiet night in. Since the full menu is already on the mobile application, good food is just a click away.

How does this all work?

A team of dedicated foodies and geeks works behind the scenes to keep in touch with our partners to make sure your experience goes well. If you have any questions or feedback you would like to share with us, pop in to the “Contact Us” section and get in touch. We love to hear from our users!